4 Myths about Working with a Nutrition Coach Debunking Common Nutrition Coaching Misconceptions

By Nyree Segui, Holistic Nutritionist

Have you tried different meal plans, dietsMyths and detoxes in an effort to lose weight and get healthy only to fail? Are you afraid that working with a nutrition coach will be too hard and involve eating food you don’t like? Let’s debunk some common myths about working with a nutrition coach.

Myth #1 – I’ll have to eat foods I hate.”

Reality - We all have different food preferences. Perhaps you’re a broccoli junkie, but thing kale is overrated. That’s cool. Our goal is to work with your preferences. You’re much more likely to stick to healthy eating habits if you’re eating foods you enjoy. We’ll work with what you like to eat, encourage experimenting with new flavours and establish healthy habits that work for you.

Myth #2 – “A nutrition coach will take away all my favourite foods.”

Reality – Nutrition coaches have favourite foods, too. We enjoy pizza, cookies and baked goods like you. Our goal when working with clients is to find a happy balance where favourite foods can be enjoyed. This may mean teaching mindful eating habits or experimenting with healthier versions of your favourite foods.

Myth #3 – “Changing my diet will be hard.”

Reality – Yes, change is always a challenge. We’re here to make it easier by breaking down the process into manageable steps that work for you. No two clients are the same and that’s why an individualized approach is so important for success.

Myth #4 – “I eat pretty healthy, so I don’t think I need a nutrition coach.”

Reality – We hear this a lot! You probably do eat healthier than most, but perhaps you’re stuck in a rut or are not feeling as energetic as you could. Working with a nutrition coach gives you a fresh perspective, nudges you toward healthy habits you may be neglecting and offers accountability.

Nutrition coaching can change your life. With our individualized approach you’ll eat foods you actually enjoy, including some of your favourites. We’ll break the process down so that change is easy and enjoyable. Most importantly, you’ll have accountability and support for those difficult moments. After 12 months you’ll be leaner, healthier and confident in your ability to sustain your healthy habits for life. Click here to get started today!

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